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Industry View
"From William Goldman to Syd Field, aspiring writers have always benefited from the real world insights of those who have "been there and done that". Script analysis is not only a helpful resource for the film writer; it is an essential navigational tool that can make the difference between a successful writing career and a fun hobby. Production companies have implemented a rigid submission protocol that expects an adherence to structure does not excuse laziness and celebrates creativity. A writer who takes the time to solicit feedback from an industry expert as good as Lara Moon in advance of submitting their material has the tools and rules to ensure a certain level of success."
Noam Dromi
Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer
NoCo Media Group, Los Angeles
"I have worked with Lara for a couple of years both as her agent and also in my capacity as Consultant to the MA in Television Scriptwriting at De Montfort University, where she now teaches regularly as a result of my recommendation. As a writer she has the valuable experience of having been on the other side of the desk, as a script development executive. She writes confidently about complex and challenging characters with whom we become emotionally engaged. Her comments on other people's scripts are insightful and where critical, always constructive. Her development work with writers has been highly effective both in terms of the script analysis and suggestions but also she has very good nurturing skills and a warm personality. I can unhesitatingly recommend Lara."
Julian Friedmann
Blake Friedmann Literary, Film & Television Agency
"As a producer of long-running television drama, I get submissions from writers every day. Im open to unsolicited material, but any writing samples I read - be they original pieces or spec episodes - must convince me that this writer understands story structure, character development and correct script format, because in continuing series there just isnt time for error. Ukscriptdoctor is run by experienced industry professionals who can help make your script the best it can be. And believe me, everyone - even seasoned writers - need reliable script analysis, because you get far too close to your work to judge it properly."
Ellen Taylor
Script Producer
"From a half unfinished short story, Lara developed a complete feature screenplay for Solar Films. We were working to an incredibly tight deadline as we had a shooting date and theatrical release date. She delivered us probably the best first draft of a script that this company has seen and from there took development notes and delivered us a tight, dramatic shooting script within record time."
Marcus Selin
Solar Films Inc
"Her development notes on the first version of a screenplay adaptation by another writer were so ‘on the nose’ and resonated with my thoughts on how the book should be adapted that I hired her to completely develop and re-write a new adaptation for us. She delivered a much clearer and stronger script – it is much truer and more ‘real’. We now see aspects of the lead characters compassion – it makes her moments of madness all the more tragic and grotesque. She truly understood how to deliver the characters pain, love and joy in a visual and perfectly economic way."
Annie Moore
B-Line Productions
"We needed marketable ideas for feature scripts for one of our well known Japanese acting clients. With just a short brief, Lara developed several very strong ideas and then turned them into well developed full feature treatment, which we then preceded to option. She has such an instinctive understanding of story and character that she seems to literally pull creative ideas out of the air. We were incredibly impressed with her speed and her development skills."
Lucas Oliver-Frost
Hayabusa Kokusai Law Offices
"A screenplay is a very personal thing to a writer, containing not just thoughts and ideas, but emotions. Quite often a writer needs to step back and be objective about their work, which Lara's script analysis achieves. We receive many submissions from writers and Lara has assisted our company with screenplay rewrites to which we have found her services to be extremely thorough and professional. Most writers would do well to solicit the assistance of an experienced professional such as Lara Moon."
Cookson Productions
"Good honest advice from a professional in the business. Lara can pull apart a script and put it back together again in the right places without leaving the writer bruised and battered. A neat trick. Well worth the money and right on the button."
Barbara Gorna
Ex-Director, Redhammer Literary Agency
Currently Cheif Exec MAX M Films
"Lara regularly runs workshops for us on all apects of screenwriting - both in the development of ideas and how writers should approach the industry. The students find her sessions enjoyable, her advice invaluable and her enthusiasm infectious. The breadth of her experience on both sides of the Atlantic enables her to approach familiar territory from a different angle and to give the students plenty of food for thought."
Christopher Walker
Course Leader MA in Television Scriptwriting
De Montfort University
"Lara is an excellent tutor with exceptional communication skills and an infectious enthusiasm for her profession that is both inspirational and enlightening. Through a focus on the fundamentals in the key areas of screenwriting Lara demystifies the process and provides her students with the tools and techniques to improve their writing. It’s refreshing to work with a consummate professional who is so committed to her craft and so willing to provide honest and constructive advice to others."
Peter J Fraser
Manager Insight Education
" have been developing a feature film script with an English writer. Lara's analysis on our script was quite accurate, specific, professional and poignant. Her report assured me of serious problems in the script. Her advice was greatly helpful for me to decide to re-write the script. I think Lara is an excellent script doctor."
Bongwon Lee
Warm Front Film Productions
South Korea
"I am very happy and satisfied with Lara's screenplay and accomplishments. I have been developing a feature film script for over 3 years based on my own original concept, main characters and storyline. But it was very difficult for me to develop a satisfactory script. Then I met Lara on the internet. She liked the concept of my film project and she assured me that she would write a unique and producible script based on the concept and main characters. She wrote the screenplay from the beginning based on the original concept and some main characters. With just three drafts she created a nicely plotted and touching screenplay with very remarkable episodes and dialogue. Lara did an excellent job. Her writing talent and skill is obvious and reliable. Thanks to her wonderful screenplay, we are now in preproduction and will be shooting our low budget feature in Australia Spring 2010. If we gain enough profit from the film distribution, I would hire Lara again to develop a screenplay based on another original concept/idea which I have for my next feature film proje ct."
Bongwon Lee
Warm Front Film Productions
South Korea
"After Lara’s revision (development rewrite) of my script, I really believe that I stand a good chance of getting my movie produced!! The only thing that comes to my mind is thank you, thank you, thank you for such an AMAZING job. I really wasn´t expecting something so good! Lara understood 100% what I wanted, how the characters breath, the rhythm of the script and she has made the best script possible out of what I already had. I can say without any doubt that I am sure Lara is the best professional I could have hoped to find for my script."
Astrid Gil-Casares
Writer / Producer
Alwin Films
Writer Opinions
"I have written more than a half-dozen screenplays over the last decade and the very best analyses I've ever received have come from the professionals behind UKscriptdoctor. They are brilliant. I highly recommend them to both experienced and beginning screen writers."
Luke Rhinehart
(Author of THE DICE MAN)
" Thank you for your class on Dialogue. Several lightbulbs went on above my head, to do with delayed exposition, subtext, and letting character dictate plot rather than vice versa. It's since acted like Dyno-Rod for the brain. I've been blocked in the middle of Act Two for a couple of weeks. Inspired to approach my problems from a new perspective, I've sorted out three pivotal scenes in the two days since your class. One of them -- and it's neat to be inspired to this by a lecture on Dialogue! -- is entirely wordless!"
Dominic Wells
Former Editor of Time Out and of The Knowledge
"Lara Moon has proven herself to be an invaluable resource. Her analysis was thorough, constructively critical, and absolutely fair. Even to my own biased eyes, I could see my first draft was plagued with problems. Lara pinpointed the problem areas and offered suggestions that, when followed, breathed life into the characters, plot and pacing. Her analysis was so clear and her suggestions so easy to follow that I reached the end of the second draft in a matter of weeks. Lara has inspired me to work to my potential and I look forward to using this Script Doctor again in the future."
Grace Schienbein
"I'm glad I had the good sense to seek professional advice before sending out my first attempt at scriptwriting. I'm even happier that I chose Lara Moon, at ukscriptdoctor, for that advice. Lara quite clearly knows her stuff. The report is exactly what she promises on the website. It is clear, perceptive and it is totally relevant to your script. There is no generic filler. She encourages with positive feedback on what does work, and, more importantly, with genuine, constructive guidance on what doesn't, and why it doesn't. If you're committed to getting the best out of your idea and your writing then I can't recommend ukscriptdoctor highly enough."
Byron Garside
"Thanks Lara - I've quickly glanced through your comments and realize I have a long way ahead of me. But this is definately the best £50 i've spent, all your advice is invaluable and will take onboard your suggestions and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite....Hopefully my next resubmission will be an improvement."
Travers Lee
"I am not a writer, just someone who had an idea for story and enough sense to realize they needed help; a lot of help. The problem for a complete novice like me is that it is easy to fall at the first hurdle or to be drawn into a costly, wasteful exercise. Fortunately I was lucky enough to come across Lara’s website and avoid that by having my work analyzed for a very reasonable fee. In my opinion such opportunities are rare and I immediately felt I could trust this service. I wasn’t let down either. I quickly received an in-depth analysis and without any complaint of the significant work I know Lara must have put in. More importantly I have been given a valuable insight into what to do next. This is a truly professional no nonsense service you can trust, but if you need more proof just read the other testimonials."
Jim Wisbey
"Your analysis of my screenplay was accurate and very perceptive. You warn in your site preamble that a writer must be able to accept, perhaps painful, critique. I see what you mean. Your suggestions are all accepted. Your expertise is obvious. When you see the next draft, a smile will cross your face. Thanks again for an expert's view of my effort."
Gordon Blake
"Thank you for the excellent analysis Lara. As this is my first attempt at a screenplay (and UK Script Doctor the first place I've sent it) I've found your comments really really encouraging and your suggestions for improvement enormously helpful as well as being right on the money."
Stuart Nicholson
"Lara Moon provided a professional and objectively frank assessment of my script. Her analysis was thorough and timely, providing numerous peices of advice which have helped develop the work and enabled me to remove the mundane and superfluous elements of my script. I can highly recommend her services."
David Stone
"As a new writer I knew that I needed an analysis of my first script from someone who not only had the relevant experience, but who was also willing to be very frank. It seemed evident from Lara Moon’s website that she would deliver the goods I wanted – and she did! What she wrote made sense to me and it was all expressed very clearly. Although what was said was mostly critical (which it needed to be), there was plenty of encouragement to keep me going and the overall effect was tonic. The net result is that I feel much clearer about what I am trying to do and how to achieve it. She has a fine eye for detail and obviously gave careful and thoughtful consideration to what I had written; her analysis was thorough and incisive and has given me tremendous impetus to develop my script further – and for all of this I am very grateful. I could highly recommend her service – especially to greenhorns like me."
Michael Kitching
"A brief note of thanks for your analysis.Your notes are appear very thorough and I'm grateful to you for reading and engaging with the script as you have.I will spend time making the cuts and adjustments you propose."
Shaun Deeney
" ‘…thanks so much for all your valid and kick arse analysis Lara... spot on…the first act has always been our major problem... (we) definitely think your notes have given us some keys to the answers. Our method of formatting has been entirely based on other writers formatting and books, so thanks so so much for all the formatting notes, nice to finally have one clear voice about all that stuff. You’ve opened up a final avenue of desire to nail this puppy and (we) really cannot thank you humbling and honestly enough for your encouragement and accuracy in your dissection of our baby.... you must be a angel.... thanks tons Lara’"
Richard Rudy & Stephan Scott-Hayward
" After the Consultation with Lara, I was sitting at home with pages and pages of notes from our meeting, wanting basically to say 'thankyou thankyou thankyou!'. I was feeling almost trapped by my first draft, and I think alot of first time writers like myself get attatched to scenes/ideas without looking at the full picture. I'm now much more confident about getting the idea in my head out onto the page, clearly and dramatically."
Nick Epstein
"As a first time script writer I found Lara Moon's analysis of my work invaluable. Before sending her my script I was worried that I would receive a standardised reply containing only a few references to my work. This was not the case. She thoroughly read my script and her analysis, while not pulling any punches, was professional and insightful."
John Kinski
"An independent critique is what I wanted, and that's exactly what I got. I agree that there's a development path, and I am committed to learn and improve the work.Hence the call on you you have provided a host of tips to digest,which is great. Many thanks for taking the time to help, and going the extra mile. People like you are invaluable to beginners and pro's alike."
Derek Parsons
"I've been through several rewrites; I still firmly believe to this day that going through you (Lara Moon) was a massive step for me! I now have two potential producers that will make scripts of mine."
Lee Javens
"My consultancy session with Lara was extremely useful. Where previously I was going in circles, I am now on the right path and know exactly what needs to be done."
Andrew Korczynski
"Thank you for your notes. I think they are firm but fair and give a clear direction to where the script needs to go. From your notes I see that many of the very basics of screenwriting are missing and that there is a lot of hard work to do. Having said that I do feel encouraged because I think taking in your thoughts and comments will give the script a fighting chance."
Dov Freedman
"As a writer that is looking for guidance and someone to give genuine feed back about your work ukscriptdoctor more than lives up to its end of the deal. in a profession were you have to be prepared for a lot of rejection its surprisingly hard to get honest feed back, whether good or bad. ukscriptdoctor has proven honest and at times blatant in their reactions or interpretations to work. i may have walked away with a blooded nose but i walked away and i know what caused the problem. finding the cause is half the battle and with honest guidance you can only get better. ukscriptdoctor provides just that. "
Peter Howard
"Many thanks for your feedback I really do appreaciate your honesty and look forward to your comments on the script. This is the job I was expecting you to do and you have done it with honesty. "
Raz Mallal
"…I was sitting in the first row and soaking all your words attentively. I like to thank you for your effort and time and to say how useful this ‘development & pitching’ seminar was to me. I will certainly ask for your help in not-so-distant future... I will recommend you to all of my friends."
Janus Avivson
"I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the ‘Development & Pitching’ seminar which I found both very informative and fun. It's always good to hear things that are counter-intuitive and which reflect a lot of knowledge of the industry. I have made a note of your website and will hopefully be in touch this fall about a script I am developing."
Webster Forest
"Thank you for a really stimulating and inspiring ‘Screenplay Structure’ session last Thursday. It really got me thinking and revved me up, prior to starting on my ‘own’ script. It was great to see some of your script too- I think that always helps to put things into perspective."
Nicky Kelly
" You've helped tremendously. I appreciate it, and will gladly refer people to your business. Your qualifications and reputation speak for themselves. Thank you so much again!"
Jeff Dial
" Thanks, everything in your analysis made sense. I now understand the need for sub-text and emotional context in dialogues. I appreciate and learned a lot from your analysis alone - much more than the two books I read to get this script up. I will certainly come back to you if I am writing another screenplay or if I need one to be analyzed."
Tai Wah Lim
"After I finished my first draft I knew I needed some professional advice. But I had no idea how to get access to someone with experience.Then I found ukscriptdoctor! The detailed analysis I received was invaluable and helped me look at my script in a completely different way. It has been through several drafts now and is vastly improved."
Cindy Cummings
"I sent my script to several online analysts. Ukscriptdoctor gave me the most professional and detailed guidance. This is the only service I will be using from now on."
Martin Almaraz
"I used ukscriptdoctor for analysis which was excellent; then I decided to go for the script consultation service. I cannot emphasise enough how incredible it was to have Lara Moon work with me face-to-face, to be able to discuss and develop my script through its final draft. After the consultation I edited my script and then submitted it to agents I now have representation! I have no doubt that without Lara's help my script would not have reached its full potential and representation would've been very hard to secure."
Julie Bowden