The service used by the professionals, now available to you!


My professional 'rewriting services' are available to agents, production companies, and screenwriters.

Please contact me by email with any questions you might have regarding these services:

Info and Pricing below:

The Polish
Price: £2,500
You receive: 1 complete draft
Time scale: 2 weeks

This is an extremely useful service for scripts which have already undergone considerable development but still need vital improvement in such areas as dialogue, character development, story structure, scene editing, professional formatting and presentation. This service can make the difference between an average screenplay and an exceptional screenplay.

This includes:

  • Standard Pro Script Analysis - after which a discussion with the commissioning party takes place before the rewrite begins
  • Improvement of the main plot and intersecting storylines
  • Specific scene development
  • Character development
  • Improving dialogue
  • Editing of script
  • Correct formatting
Development Rewrite
Price: £5,000
You receive: Consultant meeting & 2 drafts
Time scale: 1 month

This service is paramount for scripts that have a solid concept but need extensive scene, plot and character development.

This includes:

  • A consultation meeting
  • Reworking of the main plot and intersecting storylines
  • Developing complexity and originality
  • Specific scene development
  • Intensive character development
  • Improving dialogue
  • Correct formatting
Complete Screenplay Commission
Price: From £20,000 (to be discussed)
Receive: Consultant meetings, 4 drafts and a polish
Time scale: 4 months

This service is suitable for writers or producers who have either, an original idea that is at least in some treatment form, or wish to create a screenplay based on already produced material like a short story or book where the writer or producer owns the rights.

This includes:

  • Consultation meetings
  • Creation of a fully developed film treatment
  • Complete development of plot, story
  • Complete development of all Characters and dialogue
  • Production of a maximum of 4 feature length drafts
  • Correct formatting of screenplay for submission