The service used by the professionals, now available to you!


Reading, analyzing, and creating a detailed report represents a great many hours work. It is never rushed and we never compromise on quality, these fees represent excellent value.

Script Analysis: (info)

Feature script up to 115 pgs £140
(re-submission) £125
Feature script 115 to 130 pgs (max) £160
(re-submission) £140
TV episode 1hour 80pgs (max) £120
(re-submission) £100
TV episode 1/2 hour 40 pgs (max) £90
(re-submission) £80
Film or TV Treatment Analysis £50
Agent/Producer Submission Letter £20

Consultations: (info)

For Feature & TV script. £400 for 4hrs of intensive consultation. All workshops take place in London.

Submitting your screenplay is easy click the link and follow the instructions.