The service used by the professionals, now available to you!

Script Consulting

We offer an intensive screenplay consultation service with a professional script doctor. This is a comprehensive and in-depth service which is intended to give the screenwriter personal attention with step by step detailed analysis of their screenplay.

I will meet with you 'the writer' after I have exhaustively scrutinized the screenplay to determine specific strengths and weaknesses. The meeting will be driven by these notes, but will also be an opportunity for me to challenge you and your creative thinking to see if you have explored every possibility to make your script original and imaginative.

Intensive Screenplay Consultations will provide:

  • A four hour intensive meeting with a professional script consultant
  • Clear detailed in-depth overhaul of your screenplay
  • Full analysis consisting of:
    • Character growth and arc re-evaluation
    • Three act breakdown
    • Plot, scene and story development solutions
    • Expertise on dialogue and voice

For information on how to submit your script for this service, please see the Submit Scripts page. Or, you might like to find out about our Script Analysis service.

Please note; all script consultations will take place in London.