The service used by the professionals, now available to you!

Professional Script Analysis

This specially designed analysis is detailed and extensive. It comprehensively covers all aspects and elements of a successful screenplay; from formatting to dialogue and character development. The notes are divided into specific areas that make it simple for the writer to study and utilize.

ukScriptDoctor Pro Script Analysis will provide:

  • Detailed development notes
  • Creative solutions for any problems
  • Full analysis consisting of:
    • Comments
    • Corrections
    • Creative suggestions

For a more detailed view of how the analysis works you can view a breakdown of a Pro Script Analysis Report.

TREATMENT ANALYSIS - Have you written a Film or Television treatment?

  • Professional advice will help you avoid writers block when you come to creating the screenplay.
  • Using your treatment as a pitch document to Agents and Producers?
  • We can analyse your treatment and give you comments and notes that are guaranteed give you that edge you need to make your treatment and IDEA stand out and make Agents and Producers want to read your script.
  • For information on how to submit your SCREENPLAYS OR TREATMENTS, please see the Submit Scripts page.