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Agents and production companies are solicited by thousands of writers a year. It is vital you make your screenplay & your talent stand out!

My clients have sold to WB, DreamWorks, Working Title, BBC, A Band Apart, Miramax, and New Line, among others and have won prestigious competitions such as the Slamdance Competition and Nicholl Fellowship.

My professional analysis and consultation services are guaranteed to improve your chances of a successful writing career.

  • Most script analysts who say they will offer you advice on your scripts will knock out a basic 4page report where 3 of those pages are the synopsis and general comments about the genre, with only maybe 1page of actual notes. The analysis UK Script Doctor offers is far more extensive than these so called experts. All my reports are a minimum of 10pages and can be up to 20. I do not waste pages writing a synopsis of your work as you the writer know your story. All notes are specific, intensive and directed at helping you to get the best from your screenplay.
  • An underdeveloped, unprofessional screenplay will automatically be rejected and you will rarely be given a second chance. I can help you avoid all those novice mistakes which damage writer's chances of script sales.
  • I provide detailed analysis evaluating every element of your screenplay. Challenging and encouraging you to open your mind to possibilities that will vastly improve the originality of your story.
  • All analysis and consultations are completed by myself or screenwriting professionals who have extensive writing and script development experience. They bring a level of knowledge that is not available to people who have simply trained as 'readers'. This is the exceptional high level of professionalism that is maintained by Ukscriptdoctor.
  • Expertise in all genres. Evaluate screenplays set in any era, country and location and for all markets.
  • After consulting on hundreds of screenplays for Studios and Agents, I know the specific elements the industry are looking for. This insider knowledge will prove invaluable to you.
  • Dedicated to developing and nurturing new writing talent.
  • Written a TREATMENT? Now you can get professional advice and analysis on your treatments. Go to Analysis page to find out more.
  • If I discover a writer and/or screenplay that I feel has real potential I will help that writer and/or script get into producer/agents hands.
  • That 1st Impression is vital when approaching Agents or Producers, so get a professional to edit and comment on your submission letter. For only 20 you can get the insider know how and advice that will make your letter stand out and an Agent/Producer want to read your script. To submit a letter go straight to the Submit Scripts page.

You can submit a script for analysis on the Submit Scripts page. If you would like to find out more information, please use the navigation menu on the left. I recommend that you start on the Script Analysis page.

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